About this blog
Thanks for visiting joannamuses.com!

This is where I (Joanna) talk about life and faith, review books, post photos, suggest music and interview people. I have been blogging at Joanna Muses since August 2008, but had been blogging at other places prior to then.

As for my offline world, I've completed a degree in Sociology and am now working on my next career step. My interests include photography, dreaming up somewhat ridiculous childrens outreach ideas, Singaporean culture, experimental baking, spending too much time (and money) in bookstores and searching for interesting song covers on youtube.

About reviews, links and endorsements
There has been a move in the blog world recently towards increased transparency in regards to any material rewards bloggers are receiving for what they post. I thought I probably should clarify what happens on this blog.
  • The ads you see for charities  and missions organizations on the right hand side of the screen are there because I wish to support the good work they do. I receive no material reward from these groups or anyone else for running these ads.
  • For some (not all) of the books I review, I have received a free review copy from the publisher. Reviews where this is the case will have something like review copy provided by..... at the bottom of the post. No one I receive books from requires me to write a positive review and I do my best to provide an honest review of every book I cover.
  • This blog is part of the Amazon Associates program. What that entails is if a blog reader clicks through to amazon to buy a book I have reviewed, I earn a small commission which will go towards buying more books.