Saturday, August 30, 2008

Introducing the Blogs and Writers I love section

Over to the right of the posts is a section for my favorite blogs. I'll be adding more as time goes on but to start off i thought i'd introduce a few.

Tim Challies (
Tim Challies blog is worth subscribing to for his daily roundup of the best blogs, websites and news articles of interest. He is also an excellent writer, particularly when it comes to reviewing books.

Anne Jackson (
She writes about life and faith in a way that is thought provoking but always interesting and at times funny. She is super passionate about helping the poor so make sure you check out her posts on that.

Shauna Niequist (
Shuanna's book Cold Tangerines has become one of my favorite books because of her wonderful way of communicating the joy that can be found in everyday life. Check out her site to read some of her work and if at all possible get her book.

Stuff Christians Like (
If you have ever had much to do with the craziness that is christian culture you will enjoy this blog. It takes a good natured but very funny jab at some of the amusing things that happen in churches and christian culture. Make sure you read the comments because they are often as good as or better than the posts.

Stacy from Louisville (
I've enjoyed Stacy's funny comments on Stuff Christians Like for a while so i'm very happy that she now has a blog of her own. Make sure you check out her recent posts on what she got up to at bible college. It's funny stuff.

The Free Christian Music blog (
The name pretty much says it all. The blog is dedicated to where to find Christian music on the internet that is free and completely legal. Recent posts have included P.O.D, Anberlin, Phil Wickham and Jars of clay to name a few.