Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't worry

Normally I would tend not to agree with The Age newspaper's columnist Catherine Deveny but today she said something i thought was great and very relevant in these uncertain financial times.

When will we stop worrying about money? The moment before we die? Just as we are about to take our last breath, will we be overtaken by a sudden wave of relief that we had enough? Enough money for what? And we're all worried about money. No matter how rich or poor we are........

Learn what's important. Sounds trite I know, but during this rough stuff we can't just think, "I'll wait until everything's happy and then I'll have fun and live in the moment". You might not be able to afford a holiday, but you can afford a picnic. Times may be tough, but we're still alive.

That's the really tricky bit. To move our focus away from the big scary things that probably won't happen and enjoy what we have — our friends, our families and ourselves. Because these troubled times will pass. But our loved ones may not be there tomorrow.
(Full article here )

Wise words indeed. While we need to plan financially, worrying is not going to make the stock market or interest rate go up or down one tiny bit. So don't worry. Turn off the TV news channel, don't buy the newspaper today if it will help. No crash of the stock market can ever take what really matters. Spend some time being thankful for these things.

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