Sunday, December 28, 2008

Resource roundup: Reading and books

I've done posts featuring various useful and interesting websites before however i now plan to make it a regular feature under the label of resource roundup. I will be doing posts of online resources to do with a particular topic that are helpful for Christians. I'm starting today with Reading and Books as the theme. If you have any suggestions for sites and resources on this or any other topic of relevance to Christians please do leave me a comment to let me know

Christian book summaries
Christian book Summaries provides roughly 8 page long summaries of new and classic Christian books. Obviously summaries aren't a substitute for actually reading full books. They are however very useful for getting an overview of a books contents to see if it is one you'd like to read or to revise the main points of a book you'd read previously.

Discerning Reader
Just because a book is in a Christian book store or published by a Christian publisher it doesn't necessarily mean that the book is going to be biblically sound. Unfortunately some of the most questionable ones actually sell the best. Discerning Reader seeks to examine the theology of popular Christian books to help people make an informed decision on whether they should read and take on board the advise the books contain.

Desiring God Resource library
The Desiring God resource library provides pdf format downloads of the full text of heaps of books by author John Piper. The books cover a variety of topics so everyone should be able to find something of interest. I particularly recommend Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die and The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World. As well as books, the site has a lot of audio content.

Christian Audio 
Every month Christian audio makes available for free download the audiobook version of a classic Christian book. I think you may need to register with the site (which doesn't cost) to be able to download it.

Revolution in world missions 
Get a completely free copy of K.P. Yohannan's book Revolution in World Missions. It is a very impacting and challenging book.


  1. I just checked out three recently read books and one book on the Discerning Reader site that I am currently reading... They were all "Not Recommended".

    For the three I recently read, I absolutely can not agree with the review...

    Then again, I rarely agree with movie reviews...

  2. I've found it to be pretty useful but obviously it is not going to agree with everyones convictions on everything. Are there any book review sites you've found more helpful?