Monday, May 11, 2009

Book review: Vaughan Roberts- God's big design

God's big design: Life as he intends it to be
Vaughan Roberts
128 pages
Published by Inter-varsity Press 2005 

The first few chapters of Genesis tend not to get considered that much outside the context of the never ending creation/evolution debate. That is unfortunate because that isn’t all that’s there. In God’s Big Design, Vaughan Roberts discusses what we can learn about God and his plans for humanity, the earth, sex & marriage and work from the first few chapters of Genesis. He does an excellent job at applying the scriptures to contemporary issues related to these areas. While it doesn’t go in to the depth someone doing serious ethics or theology study would want, it is an ideal introduction for new Christians or those trying to think through a biblical perspective for the first time. The book includes discussion questions so could be used in a small group setting.