Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can you please pray for me?

Sorry that it had been a bit quieter than usual around here. Life has turned a bit crazy and i could really use your prayers. I'm in the middle of some major assessments for my course. Please pray that i'd get them done on time and would do them well enough to get the marks i need.

I've also had a whole lot of drama come up in the last few days in regards to my study abroad program.
  • Something went wrong somewhere in the processing of my paperwork which almost lost me my place in the program. Thankfully that was averted and I got my place. The paperwork issues may still cause some difficulties so please pray that it would work out easily.
  • I booked plane tickets on what to the best of my knowledge at the time was the correct date. Turns out it wasn't and the airline I booked them with doesn't tend to allow you to move them to another date. Please pray this won't be an expensive mistake to fix.
  • My city has had an outbreak of swineflu. It is a very mild strain but lots of people have gotten it. Singapore is very worried about swine flu has been asking people from my city in particular not to come. Please pray that i do not get swine flu (or anything that overzealous customs officers may confuse with swine flu) and that where i come from would not cause me any difficulties in getting out of Australia or into Singapore.

How can i pray for you?


  1. Hi! This may seem random, but I saw your post on Stuff Christians Like. I know all of the crazy stuff with study abroad can make you want to pull your hair out, just stick with it! I'm actually studying abroad in Townsville, Australia right now, almost time to go home! But I'll be praying for you, and I hope everything goes well and you have an amazing trip! Study abroad has definitely been one of the best decisions of my life

    - Jess

    PS - I just traveled to Melbourne (pretty much loved it!) and Sydney, got to go through the thermal detectors and didn't get swine flu while I was there...just keep up the hand washing!

  2. Thank you so much for praying!

    All the organizing can definitely be challenging at least i'm doing better than some of my classmates that had to fly up to Sydney to get French visas! I've managed to work out what went wrong with the paperwork so i am now in a better position to deal with it.