Thursday, July 23, 2009

Singapore bound at last!

All going to plan, 24 hours from now i will be sitting on a plane for the first leg of my trip to Singapore. I arrive in Singapore early Sunday morning Singapore time after a stop-over in Perth. Yes that is kinda outta the way from Melbourne but it is saving me a lot of money ($300 verses $700 or more for a direct ticket).I'm going to Singapore to study as an exchange student at National University of Singapore for one semester (until early december). After a lot of drama things seem to be going pretty well- i got accomodation where i wanted, got a better scholarship than i expected and I don't seem to have swine flu.

I will be blogging about my experiences and posting photos at and posting shorter updates on twitter under the username @joannasingapore

If you could pray for me as i finish packing, travel and settle in that would be wonderful. Specifically that I wouldn't forget anything i need to pack, that my rather drawn out trip there would happen without any problems and that I'd stay healthy.