Thursday, October 29, 2009

Please pray for me

Being here in Singapore has for the most part been a wonderful experience. At the moment i am finding things a bit tough and could really use some prayer.

At the moment the deadlines are arriving way too quickly and the exams aren't too far away. Things have gotten so bad that i'll be staying up for a lot of tonight to get an essay done. I have another one due next week that is not so far going to plan. Of particular concern is my international relations unit. I've been working hard but my first two test results came back with fairly poor marks. My major essay got handed in today. Please pray that the person marking my my essay would be happy enough with the essay to give me a decent mark and that I'd be able to learn what i need to so that i can do really well on the final exam. I absolutely cannot afford to fail this (or any other) unit.

Contributing to the study problems is that I've been sick. I've had a fairly bad cold, something strange going on with my eyes and been quite weak as well. Please pray that i'd get better really quickly because being unwell is making life difficult and getting in the way of my studies.