Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book review: Mark Driscoll- Religion saves and nine other misconceptions

Religion Saves and nine other misconceptions
Mark Driscoll
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In Religion Saves and Nine Other Misconceptions, Mark Driscoll answers a series of questions submitted and voted on by members of his church and people who listen to his podcast.

As you would expect from a book whose content is decided in such a manner, the content is eclectic. The book includes such diverse topics as the tension between faith verses works, a Christian approach to humor, whether Christians are permitted to use birth control and how we decide what can be included in a church service. Because the chapters aren't really connected to one another you could read the chapters in any order or skip chapters without any problems.

It is clear Driscoll has thought and researched a lot about the questions he answers in the book. Even if you don't end up agreeing with his conclusions, you will at least have learned a lot of interesting historical and theological information on the topics. The one chapter that seemed a bit over-researched was the chapter on the emerging church movement. The excessive quoting from various people in the movement was more than was really needed to make the point that the movement has problems, making the chapter drag on a bit. Other than that chapter, the book made for compelling reading. Driscoll is often rather funny.

While not being crass, Driscoll does deal frankly with the topics of sexual sin and birth control making this book suitable for mature audiences only.

I think most Christians could find something of interest and value in this book. I recommend it.