Sunday, March 7, 2010

Learn by listening

I've long been a podcast listener and have more recently become hooked on audiobooks. Both provide a great way to learn something new while doing non-brain intensive tasks like cleaning, walking or commuting. Here's 2 resources I like-

Worldwide classroom
Worldwide classroom provides free access to lecture audio and course notes for all the lectures of 20 seminary level theology courses from Covenant Theological Seminary. Some content does require registration to access but this is free. Course topics include apologetics and outreach, biblical theology, christian ethics and old testament history.

Librivox provides free audiobooks of works that are in the public domain (eg. no longer covered by copyright). The books are read by volunteer narrators but generally the narration quality is good. Christian authors available on the site include C.S Lewis (unfortunately only one of his books), Saint Augustine and John Calvin. In regards to fiction, I've been enjoying the Anne series by L.M Montgomery.  Some librivox recordings are available in more file formats at Project Gutenburg