Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book review: Patsy Clairmont- Kaleidoscope

Patsy Clairmont
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Kaleidoscope is a whimsical look at an assortment of Proverbs by speaker and author Patsy Clairmont.

It was the cover of the book which grabbed my attention at first. As you can probably guess from the cover it is a fun book. Clairmont is a witty and entertaining writer who isn’t afraid to laugh at her own flaws. Reading it felt kinda like having a conversation with a friend. The chapters are quite short (only a few pages each) which made the book easy to get through. Each chapter is based on a proverb and includes a related story from her life and how the wisdom of the proverb applies to real life. The stories were good, but some chapters did seem to be a bit too much story and not enough bible & application. I did appreciate the wide variety of topics proverbs were chosen from. Following each chapter are questions to think about and further scripture passages for further study. The book is published by the Women of Faith publishing line, but I think it is a book men could enjoy too.

If you are looking for an easy and encouraging read, Kaleidoscope is worth a look.

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