Thursday, May 20, 2010

Book review: Paul and Shannon Morell- Misconception

Paul and Shannon Morell with Angela Hunt

In Misconception, Paul and Shannon Morell write of their experiences of in vitro-fertilization (IVF) going horribly wrong. The eggs they had stored in the hope of having one more child were transferred to another women who became pregnant with the Morell’s child.

The book is interesting read. I’d seen their story in the newspapers even here in Australia so it was interesting to hear what goes on behind the headlines. It was certainly a fascinating and gripping story. It is also interesting from an ethics perspective as their situation resulted in many complicated ethical decisions. The extra material on the ethics of the IVF process would be of interest to people considering undergoing the procedure.

The book did have a few weaknesses. I felt the authors repeated themselves a bit too much, particularly in regards to how stressful the events were. It also would have been interesting to hear more about how their faith made a difference in how they handled the situation.

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