Saturday, July 3, 2010

Book review: David Platt- Radical

David Platt
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In Radical, David Platt challenges Christians to let go of the American dream and live a life of radical dedication to and action for Christ.

In many ways this is a needed book. The American dream does often shape what we think about faith, even for those of us who are not American. Very often it is not for the better. Things like materialism and spiritual laziness are a problem for most of us. The book provides a strong challenge to re-assess our beliefs and actions in light of scripture. I doubt any Christian could make it through this book without being convicted about something.

Despite the much needed challenge the book provides it also has some weak spots.

The book had a lot of focus about what we should do. Without a corresponding strong focus on what Christ has done, it risks creating a unbalanced view of the gospel which is centred on what we do and our becoming radical enough to be true Christians.

The book is a bit confusing as to how exactly we should be radical. At some points in the book it sounds like you should sell everything and be a missionary overseas. At other points we are told to do such not particularly radical things as read through the bible in a year and get involved in a church. Regular clarifications on big statements he made also made it a bit hard to follow at times.

There is a risk that books like this one will prompt people to attempt being radical in unwise ways that are ineffective or even harmful. I don’t think the book provides enough caution in this area. I think that this book would be best read alongside books on relevant topics like skills required for cross cultural ministry or helping the poor in sustainable ways. Those reading this book would also benefit from the council of Godly believers in how to best apply it.

I reviewed this book in audio format. The production was very well done, but the narration did not work well for me. I tried going through some sections in print format and found that easier.

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