Monday, July 26, 2010

Book review: Mary-Ann Kirkby- I Am Hutterite

I Am Hutterite
Mary-Ann Kirkby
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In I Am A Hutterite, Mary-Ann Kirkby tells her story of growing up in a Hutterite community in Canada and the shock of adjusting to the outside world after her parents decided they needed the community. The Hutterites are a conservative Christian group who live in their own communities largely separated from the rest of society.

I quite enjoyed this book. It reads a lot like a novel. The book really vividly describes Hutterite customs, food and way of life. Christian readers will probably find especially interesting her descriptions of the Hutterite way of practicing the Christian faith. Her tales of adapting to the non-Huterrite world are fascinating because it was often things in mainstream culture that we wouldn’t expect that fascinated and frustrated her.

The one thing I didn’t like about the book was that it felt like it finished too early. I was left wondering how she had continued to wrestle with finding her place in the world into her later teen years and adulthood.

Overall, it is a quite interesting and enjoyable read. I recommend it.

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