Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book review: Russell Moore- Adopted for life

Adopted for life
Russell Moore

In Adopted For Life, Russell Moore outlines what the bible says about adoption and the case for Christians to care about the issue.

It is logical to assume that this would be a book for people who plan to adopt or have already done so. People in this situation will no doubt find the book very helpful. I read the book as someone with no plan or possibility of adopting any time soon because of how highly I had heard it recommended. If you are also not a prospective adoptive parent, you can still benefit and learn from this book.

One of the aspects of the book which will be applicable to all Christians is the discussion of how God adopts us into his family. I had not realized the bible had so much to say on the topic. I definitely gained a fuller understanding of what it means to become a child of God.

Another way the book could be beneficial to everyone is in helping us think more accurately and biblically about adoption. It should help dispel some of the questionable media portrayals of adoption we see, whether that be of a misfit adopted kid or the gossip magazine tales of adoptions by celebrities. He also shares a lot about his own experiences of adopting two children from Russia which was really interesting.

I reviewed this book in audio format. I liked that it was narrated by the author but the somewhat fast reading pace took a little while to get used to.

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