Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feedback wanted

Thanks so much for reading what I write. If you've got a moment to spare, I'm looking for some feedback to help make Joanna Muses better. A few points I was specifically wondering about are-
  • Photos- The photos are admittedly a bit off topic. Should I move my photography to a new blog/photography site or should I keep posting them here at Joanna Muses? 
  • Book reviews- Up until now I have been reviewing almost entirely Christian non-fiction. I am thinking of extending my focus to other non-fiction that may be of interest to Christian readers. Do you think that would be worthwhile?
  • Resource roundup- What kind of online resources would you find it most useful for me to tell you about? Free ebooks? Free music? Great blog posts? 
 Ideas about other aspects of the blog would be welcome too. You can leave your feedback as a comment on this post or at the contact me page