Saturday, November 6, 2010

New project: Dear First Year (

I have been assigned the role of peer mentor to a group of new students starting at my university next year. The role involves helping them get familiar with the university environment, requirements and support services. It is hoped that with the support of senior students, the struggles first years deal with will not end up becoming so bad they drop out of university.

I started to create a list of advice to give them but realised the list would be too big for a handout and would be more than they would remember if I told them. I also wondered if it might be useful for first years in other mentoring groups or at other universities and colleges.

With this in mind, I decided to start a new blog called Dear First Year ( I'll be posting tips for how to study well, enjoy university and not create extra stress for yourself. I figure they may be more willing to listen to a fellow student than an adult who is long past their university days.  At the moment I am still going through the obvious (but important) hints but there will be more interesting ones to come.

If you are/have been a student, feel free to leave a comment here or over at Dear First Year with ideas for things you think first years should know. If you know any students who you think may benefit, please do pass it onto them.