Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Resource roundup 2 November 2010

Sorry for the relative silence around here lately. In the last month I've had an exam, 3 essays to write, a postgraduate study application to work on, family celebrations and family tragedies amongst other happenings. Thankfully things are calming down a bit so I'll hopefully be posting a lot more. I also have a new blog I'm starting aimed at college/university students. More about that soon.

Here's some worthwhile resources I've found online lately.

Free bibles for Kindle
If you are a Kindle user you may be interested to know that the ESV and HCSB bible translations are free at the moment. Make sure you check that they are still free before you get them because Kindle pricing can change without notice.

Free and discounted John Piper audiobooks.
This month christianaudio has the audiobook of Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper available for free. Other audiobooks by John Piper are on sale for US$5. I plan to get his new book Think

Free ebooks from Gospel For Asia.
At Gospel for Asia's website you can download some great ebooks about missions and Christian living