Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Book review: Andy Stanley- The Grace Of God

 The Grace of God
Andy Stanley

In The Grace of God, Andy Stanley takes us on a tour of some of the different ways God has shown grace throughout the bible.

The book takes a chronological approach to ordering different examples of God’s grace, starting with creation and ending with the early church. The chronological approach works well because it helps to demonstrate how God’s grace is central to the whole story of scripture, not just to the New Testament. I was particularly struck by the segments on how God demonstrated grace to Jonah and in his response to the fall.

Although the book is does quite well at explaining how God shows grace, it would have benefited from more about how we are to respond to his grace. I think it could have done with a little more on how grace is demonstrated in Jesus dying and rising again for our sins.

Most Christians should find the book to be easy enough to read and understand, although those doing serious study on the topic of grace may want something more comprehensive. It may also be useful for non-Christians who have an image of God being overly harsh or angry.

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