Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book review: Carl Trueman- Republocrat

Carl Trueman

In Rebulocrat, Carl Trueman points out the inconsistencies and flaws with Christian political engagement of both the right and left wing varieties and proposes how we may more thoughtfully engage with the political process.

I really enjoyed and appreciated this book. He says many of the things I’ve wished to say about Christian engagement in politics and says them so much better than I could have. It is likely I will refer people to segments of this book when discussion of Christians and politics comes up. He also says some things, particularly about Christian celebrity culture, that I have from time to time needed said to me! I also found his ideas about how a secularization can take religious looking forms particularly fascinating.

Some of the discussion of the history and ideological background of the American and British political system may be a little complicated for readers who don’t have a background in the area but most readers should be able to get the big idea at least. Since I am an Australian citizen, it was interesting to learn about two different systems to the one I vote in. He is a fantastic writer so even the complicated sections are not painful to get through.

While the book will have most use to American readers due to the focus on the American political and religious context, it is an excellent read for all Christians who want to be thoughtfully and biblically involved in politics. I highly recommend it.

review copy courtesy of P&R Publishing & NetGalley