Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book review: Michelle McKinney Hammond- The Real Skinny on Losing It

 The Real Skinny on Losing It
 Michelle McKinney Hammond

In The Real Skinny on Losing It, Michelle McKinney Hammond tries to encourage and empower women to loose weight by sharing what she has learned on her own weight loss journey.

The author has quite a distinctive writing style involving a quite conversational tone and a lot of American slang. Unfortunately another aspect of her writing style was being a bit repetitive at times. One of the big ideas of the book is taking personal responsibility for your weight. This is true and important but hearing it over and over again started to get a bit wearing. She also tends to quote scripture fairly often but due to the out of context way it tended to get used this is not a good book to look at for a biblical perspective on health and weight-loss.

The book gives a lot of advice in regards to various diets. Some of it is solid common sense stuff that is worth people being reminded of however I am not convinced that it is all good advice. The author is not a doctor or nutritionist and some of the diets she recommends seem a bit questionable.

While some readers may find her stories encouraging and the book to be motivating, on the whole it is not one I would recommend.

Review copy courtesy of Tyndale Blog Network