Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book review: Sheila Walsh- The Shelter of God's Promises

The Shelter of God's Promises
Sheila Walsh

In The Shelter of God’s Promises, Sheila Walsh seeks to show readers the promises God has made that they can rely on when life is tough.

Too often I have seen biblical promises misused- often giving the impression that God has promised to always bless them materially, always heal straight away and generally solve all their problems promptly. Thankfully this book does not fall into that trap. The book is clear that while God does not always make things happen the way we would like or hope but is even clearer that God is faithful and trustworthy. The book is full of illustrations, both from her own life and the bible. I was particularly struck and moved by her exploration of Mary’s faithfulness to God in difficult and confusing circumstances.

Sheila’s books often seem to be marketed towards women however I think this one could be of benefit to any Christian. It would be of particular benefit to someone facing difficult circumstances. The book also includes extensive study questions so it may be a good choice for some book groups.

Review copy courtesy of booksneeze.com