Monday, April 11, 2011

Book review: John Stott- The Radical disciple

The Radical Disciple
John Stott

In The Radical Disciple, John Stott explores some important of the aspects of discipleship he thinks have tended to be overlooked.

The book is quite a short one- less that 3 hours in audiobook format. It is not a complete guide to discipleship as some of the obvious topics are missing. Instead it takes the form of some reflections on areas and practices of discipleship he has come to consider important but neglected over his long and fruitful walk with God. Things like caring for the environment are not necessarily what you would expect out of a book on discipleship but he makes a good case for it. I found the material on the environment quite challenging. Another very interesting idea he addresses is dependence on not just God but others as well as part of our spiritual growth. In my opinion, the best of the chapters is the one on dying. His reflections on dying take on a particular weight as he is coming to the end of his life and this is the last book he is to write. The book ends with an incredibly moving goodbye to his readers.

Style wise, the book is an easy enough read, although in places he does rely a little too much on quoting theological position papers he had helped to develop.

I am not a fan of the use of “radical” in this or other books as a term to describe what should be normal Christian discipleship but the material in the book is strong enough for me to overlook it. I think this book is a fitting finale to his ministry and is a worthwhile read.

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