Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book review: Max lucado- Max on life

Max on life
Max Lucado

In Max On Life, Max Lucado answers some of the more common questions that he has been sent by readers.

Max’s pleasant writing style and memorable turns of phrase that many have come to appreciate in his books are present here. I found myself reaching for the highlight button on my kindle quite often. I was also quite impressed by the diversity of topics. He covers a huge variety of questions so almost everyone should be able to find something relevant to them.

While the very short chapters makes the book an easy read, it doesn’t necessarily make for great answers. Some answers were a bit too simple or left out points that would have been helpful. Given that some of the questions were similar, in some cases it would have been better to answer less questions and give more detail to the ones he did answer. He also makes some questionable theological arguments, such as arguing that people who have never heard of Jesus will be saved on the basis of 2 Peter 3:9 or arguing against predestination on the basis of Matthew 22.

There is enough good material in the book to make it worth a look but I probably wouldn’t give it to someone really struggling with something due to the lack of depth it sometimes exhibits.

Review copy courtesy of booksneeze.com