Sunday, June 12, 2011

Assorted updates and news

It's been a bit quiet around here. Sorry about that! Between a quite intense study and research load, having lots of things on the go in the ministry I help lead and applying for jobs this blog got a bit neglected. Hopefully things should start to get a bit calmer for a little while so giving this blog an overhaul is well overdue. Here is some of what I have planned for the blog over the next few weeks and months-
  • The current layout isn't that great so I will be working on a new one. 
  • I'll be introducing a new section called "quotable" which will feature thought-provoking quotes from books I've been reading. 
  • The musings section will be getting revived, provided I can come up with something worthwhile to say. 
  • Of course there will be more book reviews. Books I will be reviewing soon include Craving Grace by Lisa Velthouse, The Greener Grass Conspiracy by Stephen Altrogge, Bloodlines by John Piper and Half The Church by Carolyn Custis James.
  • There will also be more resource roundup posts happening. Let me know if you come across something you think I should post.
  • I've signed up for the Amazon Associates program and will likely integrate that into this blog soon. All that means is that if I link to a book on amazon and one of you buys it, i get a small commission that will go towards buying more books. I'll update the links policy page when I introduce it.
In other news, I've just set up a new blog focusing on cheap non-fiction Kindle books. If you've got a Kindle, check it out and subscribe at