Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book review: Lisa Velthouse- Craving Grace

Craving Grace
Lisa Velthouse
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In Craving Grace, Lisa Velthouse shares about her very intense and at times very public attempts to measure up to what she thought a good Christian should be, the failings that brought it all unstuck and the discoveries about God’s grace she made in the process.

Lisa is quite a compelling writer. I got through the book quite quickly because it was an enjoyable and at times quite thought provoking read. In places she is very honest about some of her failings or things she has believed or thought in the past that weren’t very biblical. Some readers might find it a bit shocking but I appreciated it. Although my experiences have been in some ways quite different, I could certainly relate to some of it. Thankfully the book doesn’t just talk about the ways she feel short but also really beautifully reflects on how God’s grace is something we cannot earn but are given as a gift.

The main thing I didn’t like about the book was that the chapters not all being in the order events happened sometimes made it a little bit harder to follow the story than was probably necessary.

I think all Christians could benefit from the message about God’s grace this book presents, however this book would be particularly helpful for those who feel like they need to earn God’s approval.

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