Thursday, October 6, 2011

Upcoming adventures

Life is about to get pretty crazy for me.

Two weeks from tomorrow I hand in the thesis I've been working on this year. There is still a huge amount of editing to do which is rather stressful. In the next three months, I'll be finishing my time at university, moving house, hopefully getting my drivers licence, presenting at an academic conference in another state, probably writing for an academic journal, attending a Christian conference, preparing for and going on two short mission trips, and possibly still be hunting for a job. Also in the mix is Christmas and writing more of my book. All this is spread out across three states and at least six towns and cities. It's exciting but rather overwhelming! It will certainly be a summer to remember!

There are two reasons I'm posting all this. One is to let you all know that due to the chaos, posting here might become a bit more irregular. I'll be doing my best to keep regular posts happening, but can't guarantee that will happen in the busy periods. If the blog does go a bit quiet for a while, rest assured it will be back.

The other reason is to ask for prayer. I would really appreciate prayer for good health, mental clarity, energy and that the logistics of making all those things happen would come together. Some of what I am doing is packed quite tightly together so there isn't room for me or any of the plans to fall apart.

Thanks for your support!