Monday, December 26, 2011

The adventures continue: Mission trip #2

Tomorrow I start my second mission trip for the summer!

It is a tradition for many Australian families to go camping by the beach for a week or two every summer. Many go back to the same place every year, some even keep taking their kids where they went when they were a child. Beach mission programs like the one I am involved in reach out to children and families at these holiday destinations by running programs that are fun but also give the children and teens participating a chance to learn about the gospel. I'm working with teenagers.

This is my first time being involved in a program like this. I'm excited but a little nervous. I would really appreciate your prayers as I participate. Things to pray for include safety (particularly to do with the large amounts of driving I have to do in a car I'm not used to), that we would be able to effectively reach out to the children and teens who come along, good health and that relationships among the team would remain positive despite the intensity of the program.

I'll be keeping pretty busy on mission so probably won't be blogging. I might also be a bit slower at replying to comments but I do love hearing from you. Normal blogging will resume sometime after my return on 5th January.