Sunday, February 19, 2012

Book review: Renee Fisher- Not another dating book

Not Another Dating Book: A Devotional Guide to All Your Relationships
Renee Fisher
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In Not Another Dating Book, Renee Fisher guides young adults through biblical perspectives on various topics related to romantic relationships.

As far as content goes, the book was essentially solid. It didn’t say anything particularly new or revolutionary that hasn’t been said in other books but provided a lot of pretty good advice. The author has a good grasp on the challenges and joys related to relationships faced by her target audience (Christian young adults). Her writing style seems to be a good fit for many in this demographic and she makes engaging use of stories from her own life.

I felt the book was let down by its format. Addressing the topic of dating in a devotional book format was an interesting idea, but in this case I don’t think it worked so well. Some ideas could have used a bit more expansion than the devotional format allows. The entries sometimes also felt a bit disjointed. Clearer organisation of devotionals into topics or better linking of devotional content to what has been said in previous days entries probably would have been helpful. I was also a bit puzzled by the inclusion of many of the quotes at the end of daily entries and the whole chapters made up of them. Some were interesting or encouraging but many seemed out of place and did not add much to the book.

Overall, it is by no means a bad book. The advice is pretty sound and I think many will find it helpful. However, I am somewhat confused by what made it “not another dating book” as apart from a different and arguably less ideal format it didn’t really stand-out from other material I have read on the topic.

Review copy courtesy of Harvest House Publishers and NetGalley