Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book review: Wayne Grudem- Business for the Glory of God

Business for the Glory of God
Wayne Grudem
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In Business For The Glory Of God, Wayne Grudem attempts to articulate a Christian perspective on various aspects of business such as lending money, making a profit, owning property and employing people.

Grudem argues that engaging in for-profit business is not just morally permissible but is actually God glorifying as it can mirror aspects of the character of God and make a positive contribution to society. I hadn’t really thought about business practices providing an opportunity to imitate God’s character before so I found this quite thought provoking.

It was quite a short book (96 pages in print or about 2 hours in audio). I felt that the book would have benefited from less repetition of key ideas and could have included a much more detailed discussion of some of the challenges of putting Christian faith into practice in a business environment. Although he provides some examples of temptations to sin when conducting business there are many ethical and theological dilemmas for Christians involved in business that the book doesn’t properly get to.

While due to the book’s brief nature and lack of depth in some areas mean that you would need to find other books on the topic to get a decent understanding, it might be a good place to start thinking about a Christian understanding of business. It would also probably be helpful for Christians who have been involved in business for a while who are wondering if they are on the right path.

I “read” this book in audiobook format. The narration was clear and and in an easy to listen to voice, although maybe could have been a touch faster.

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