Thursday, October 23, 2008

And these are a few of my favorite things....#2

Free rice is a great site because you get to help the poor and learn stuff at the same time. How it works is you are quized on the meaning of a word and for every answer you get right some rice is donated by the sites sponsers to charities helping feed the hungry. In a nerdy kind of way it is adictive watching the tally of rice you've donated go up as you get more answers right.

Berni Dymet's podcasts
Lately i've been listening to the podcasts from Australian preacher Berni Dymet quite a bit. He does 2 really good bible study podcasts. His half hour long one called Christianity Works is released once a week. His ten minute long podcast called A Different perspective is released 5 times a week. A Different perspective is of a good length and content to use as a daily devotional. I used it as my daily devotional when i was travelling and couldn't take books with me.

Crazy Christian Clips
Ok, one of the reasons it is one of  my favorites is because i made it!  I've been posting lots of videos over at Crazy Christian Clips of all sorts of funny stuff from the Christian subculture.

And some more Noise Trade
I mentioned in my last Favorites post but since then I've found another artist on the site I really like called Richelle Boer.

And just for some fun
I am not an Obama supporter but i found this pretty funny. features many pumkins with Obama's face carved in. Aparerntly carving the faces of political figures into pumpkins is something some people enjoy!