Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book review: Kevin DeYoung- Just do something

Just do something
Kevin DeYoung

Christians can do all sorts of funny things when it comes to hearing from God. Some are convinced they’ve heard from God about something so run off in wild unwise and even unbiblical directions. Some look in strange places and use strange methods to hear God’s voice. Some can’t work out what he is saying so become paralysed by indecision. In Just Do Something, Kevin DeYoung attempts to provide some clarity on this issue. He argues that instead of seeking out some secret plan from God, people should learn to make wise, Godly choices and be committed to seeing those choices through.

The book is quite easy to get through. I finished the audiobook in an evening. The audiobook version was well narrated. It is a very practical book so may not satisfy those who are wanting a deep theological look at how God speaks and if he still uses miraculous or extra-biblical means to do that. This lack of deep theology is not necessarily a weakness as it doesn’t make the book’s content fluffy and serves to make it more accessible to the new and immature Christians who could benefit from it the most. The two areas he particularly focuses his counsel on is choose a job and choosing who to marry so will be of great interest to college/university age Christians.

I believe this book will be of great benefit to many Christians. In addition to my audio copy, i plan to buy the printed edition to have it ready to lend to friends.

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