Sunday, January 17, 2010

Book review: Max Lucado- Fearless

Max Lucado

In Fearless, Max Lucado responds to the problem of fear, something that strikes us all in some way. He covers such fears as the fear of not mattering, the fear of death, fear of disaster and fear for ones children. I’m sure you will be able to relate to at least some of what he covers.

The book excels in both style and substance. In regards to style, Lucado writes beautifully. He has a knack for vivid images and for memorable ways of saying things. He tells many stories to get his point across. More important than the style of writing is that the message he communicates is good. It is not one of those lessons about fear that teaches you to pysch yourself up and believe in yourself more to overcome fear. Nether does it present an inappropriately optimistic view of what can happen in life. Instead the book focuses on who God is, what he has done and how that relates to our fears. The book includes a lot of scripture.

Given all the craziness in the world of late, it is easy to fear. I think pondering the message of this book could do all of us a lot of good.