Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book review: Max Lucado- Grace

Max Lucado
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In Grace, Max Lucado explains what grace is and the many ways it makes a difference in the lives of Christians.

I think the biggest strength of the book is that it packs a lot of really big theological ideas into compelling, easy to listen to and rather short narrative. It certainly doesn’t feel like reading a theology textbook. Much like in his other books, there are many clever turns of phrase and interesting illustrations. I sometimes wished I was reading rather than listening to the audiobook so I could highlight portions.

Another thing I really appreciated about this book was the emphasis of grace not just being something that gets us started as a Christian but as something that sustains the Christian life. This is such an important facet of God’s grace but one that sometimes gets overlooked.

The only thing I disagreed with here is in one of the later chapters he gives the impression that God loved us because there was something particularly lovable about us. Given the fallen and rebellious nature of humanity I think the idea treads in a somewhat theologically questionable direction.

Overall, I think this is a really good book. I think it has the potential to help Christians who normally might be someone scared off reading theological books to understand some really important things about grace. The book might also prove to be a helpful perspective on Christianity for non-Christians who have been hurt by legalistic or harsh Christians.

Review copy courtesy of christianaudio.com