Friday, May 24, 2013

Guest posting at All Groan Up on having fun on a budget

Today I'm excited to be guest posting at All Groan Up, a fantastic blog by Paul Angone on surviving your twenties (and the quarter life crisis that often goes with them). His blog makes me feel less crazy, or at least crazy in a less unusual way. If you are visiting from All Groan Up, thanks for visiting! Please do stick round and feel free to introduce yourself.

If you aren't in your twenties, don't zone out because over at All Groan Up I'm writing on something lots of people of all ages need to learn: how to have fun on a budget. Here's how it begins:
Being newly all groan up can do terrible things for your fun levels if you aren’t careful. No longer do you have access to all the cheap or free stuff happening on your college campus but quite likely your budget can’t yet accommodate $80 concert tickets. As depressing as these deprivations are, you don’t have to miss out on having fun as an almost/completely broke twenty-something.
 Head over to read the rest at All Groan Up.